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【配套 B】超荐榜莲位 - 2021盂兰超渡功德法会 Enlightenment Ceremony


规则与条件 Terms & Conditions

1) 【辛丑年盂兰超渡功德法会】由即日起至2021年8月9日下午5点接受报名,先到先得,额满为止。
2021 Enlightenment Ceremony is open for registration from now until 9 August 2021, 5:00pm, or until subscription is full, whichever is earlier.

Enlightenment Ceremony will be held at Xiao En Memorial Park, Nilai. Due to COVID-19 outbreak, any visitor to actual ceremony will be declined. The ceremony will be broadcasted live on Xiao En Facebook. All are cordially invited to participate in the sutra chanting and prayer online, and return collective merits to peace, safety and abundance for the community.

Within 5 working days after subscription and payment is made, subscribers are required to watch out for email or WhatsApp from Xiao En Concierge in order to fill up information in the Information Registration Link provided.

【Virtue of Eternity】 Up to TWO (2) ancestor names may be registered for each Virtue of Eternity.

5) 报名者必须提供准确资料(报名者姓名、联系号码与电邮),以协助孝恩礼宾服务人员后续文书处理与联系。
The subscribers must provide ACCURATE details (ie subscriber’s name, contact number and email address) to facilitate documentation processing and contacts by Xiao En Concierge.

6) 在此孝恩礼宾服务平台付费后,所有取消报名或退款要求将不受理。
After payment is made through this Xiao En Concierge, no cancellation nor refund request will be entertained.